How to get an investor visa to Canada?

A few years ago in Canada, it was decided to close the federal program of immigration to the country through investment. Quebec and a representative of other provinces.
Quebec Admissions Program

The Quebec government authorities have published new conditions for contact who wish to obtain citizenship status. These conditions include:

1. The minimum amount of assets is 2 million Canadian dollars.

2. The amount of required investments is 1 million 200 thousand Canadian dollars.

The requirements for provincial entrepreneurs were more loyal at the federal level. Legally acquired assets are not only those that have been earned in the course of doing business, but also funds from inheritance or received as a gift. There is an opportunity that invites the entrepreneur to make a non-refundable investment of CAD 350,000. Residual share of consumption Canadian banking organization or accredited broker. Many investors choose this particular lending option. If your application is considered in your use, the investor, his spouse and children under 19 years of age receive permanent residence status. After three years of observation in the states, you can apply for citizenship.

This province’s program is a risk-free investment. The $1,200,000 investment will be returned to you after five years. Such investments are passive in nature. You do not need to participate in managing them after making deposits.

Quebec Entrepreneurship Program

It includes the presentation of a business project to open or acquire business in the government, as well as the purchase of a business. The case can be opened in the field of agriculture, commerce and industry. You had an initial investment and a pledge in a banking organization. The deposit should be used to start your own business. On the territory of Montreal, visitors need 300 thousand outside the territory of dollars – 200 thousand Canadian dollars.

Here are the expected results for the private sector:

1. You must start developing business management or take part in it as a partner.

2. You must have under a minimum of 25 percent share capital up to 100 thousand Canadian dollars (management can be treated with a spouse).

3. You can’t just buy a business from someone else who has also been in this program for five years leading up to your application.

Startup visa

With the help of such options, foreign entrepreneurs can develop their business in Canada, creating new jobs, providing economic development to the country.

The ministry responsible for citizenship and immigration allocates funds, lists assistance measures that work according to a given program.

The applicant must conduct research to start their business. If you are investing through a venture fund, the minimum amount must be CAD 200,000. If it is done by a private person – 75 thousand Canadian dollars.

Canada Investor Visa Startup Candidate Faces Charges in 2022:

1. Knowledge of English or French;

2. Sufficient financial opportunities to change the place of residence;

3. Planning for residence in any locality, with the exception of Quebec;

4. Results of due diligence and medical examination;

5. Evidence that the business requires ownership requirements.

Immigrants can use health care, education, access to the pension system to earn income after finishing work.

Lawyers for the Investor Visa website recommend paying attention to the fact that a maximum of five business owners and their families receive permanent residence status, after which citizenship is calculated. The time for checking for permanent residence is approximately six months. You can register your company before you receive resident status.
1. How much does it cost to apply for an investor visa to Canada?
The minimum investment to start a business is 75,000 Canadian dollars, for Quebec programs – 1.2 million Canadian dollars.
2. How can I get permanent residence in Canada?
Applications are submitted at the regional and federal levels. To begin with, an application is submitted under the provincial immigration program, then you receive a temporary residence permit. After your application is approved, it remains to submit an application to the government body for approval of permanent residence. If the decision is positive, you will receive a permanent resident visa.
3. Can an investor expect to obtain Canadian citizenship?
To apply for this status, you must have already been a permanent resident for at least five years, and you must have been permanently in the country for at least three years. Canada is an attractive country for those who want to open their own business here and have enough investments to develop the state economy.

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