Immigrate to Canada using the online Express Entry system.

Step by step guide on how to immigrate to Canada using the online Express Entry system.

If you are new to these issues and just starting to understand, we recommend starting with an article about what Express Entry is . It describes in simple language what it is, for whom it is relevant and how it works. And also there is a list of all the articles that will be useful to you at a certain stage of immigration to Canada .

Step #1: Assessing Express Entry Opportunities

The purpose of this step is to determine if you meet the minimum requirements or not. If not, what should be done.

You need to understand that this is a very serious process. Information about you will be thoroughly studied by immigration officers. Therefore, there is no point in trying to fool them or the system.

To understand this, use one of the methods below.

The only problem is that for an accurate assessment, you must have the results of a language test on hand. Based on it, your level of proficiency in one of the official languages ​​of Canada is assessed. Therefore, here you will have to pass the test, or enter an approximate value.

  1. Evaluation functionality on our website.To do this, follow this link . By ticking a few boxes, you can find out if you qualify for one of the federal programs and therefore qualify for Express Entry.
  2. Self assessment.To do this, you need to study the requirements of all immigration programs. Most often we are talking about federal programs . There are also numerous provincial programs that use Express Entry.

If the functionality has shown, or you yourself have calculated that you are suitable, then you can proceed to the next step. If not, then the paragraph below is for you.

What if I don’t qualify?

The advantage of federal programs is that one of them ( Federal Skilled Worker ), which is the most popular, does not require anything impossible from candidates. This means that in order to successfully immigrate, you just need to work on yourself, develop certain skills, try to adapt to the requirements.

To understand what to do in this case, you need to understand your weaknesses, because of which you do not fit the system. We propose to do this on the basis of the above program, since it is the most accessible.

  1. Possible problem: work experience.The minimum requirement is 1 year of continuous employment in a job that qualifies for skill level 0, A, or B based on the Canada Occupational Classification (NOC) . In the article located at this link, we explain what it is and how to determine your skill level.Solution: analyze NOC, choose the most suitable profession for your skills, work for at least 1 year.
  2. Possible problem: lack of funds.If you are not currently working in Canada, or there is no valid job offer in the state, then you need to have a certain amount of money, namely: 13,213 Canadian dollars per person. Read more about this amount in the Proof of funds article .Solution: save money. Create an account and constantly replenish it while working on improving other indicators for successful immigration.
  3. Possible problem: poor knowledge of one of the state languages.As we wrote above, the assessment is based on the results of language tests, which are translated into CLB. To participate in this program, you must earn a minimum of 7 CLB for each indicator.Solution: learn the language. This is one of the most important components of successful immigration.
  4. Possible problem: they did not score passing 67 points.Points are given for age, education, work experience, etc. The more these indicators correspond to the requirements of the Immigration Service of Canada, the more points are awarded.Solution: Go to the Federal Skilled Worker article page . Analyze tables with scores for each indicator. Calculate how many points you are missing. Try to choose the factor that you can improve, and this will bring you the missing points.

That’s all there is to it, and what you can do.

We analyzed the example on a specific program. You can do the same with others.

Also, if you understand that there is no chance at all, then you can try your luck in some provincial programs that are not associated with Express Entry. To do this, go to the appropriate section of our website.

Step #2: assessing the chances of receiving an immigration invitation

If you meet the minimum requirements of one of the programs and get into the pool of candidates , then this does not mean anything at all.

There you are assessed by a special CRS system . The more a certain factor meets their requirements, the higher the score is awarded. The higher the score, the higher the chances of success. Here you can see the minimum passing score in EE in 2022 . At the moment it is about 455-465 points.

We believe that it makes no sense to create a profile, collect documents, spending money on them, when you are sure that you will not receive an invitation (ITA) .

Use our Express Entry CRS Points Calculator to estimate your chances .

If the functionality has shown that there is every chance for an ITA, then you can proceed to the next step. If not, then the paragraph below is for you.

What to do if you don’t have enough CRS points

There are several options here:

  • analyze each factor for which points are awarded. Look for the ones you can improve. Calculate if that’s enough. Improve;
  • analyze provincial programs that are associated with Express Entry: their requirements, features. If agreed with the province, it will give + 600 points, which is a guarantee of obtaining an ITA.

There is also a small chance that by creating a profile in EE and submitting it, one of the provinces will contact you. In this case, if everything goes smoothly, you can get + 600 points. But for this it is necessary to have a profession in which the province really needs.

Step #3: Document preparation

If you definitely decide to create a profile and submit it for review, then first you need to collect some documents. The information specified in them will need to be entered into the Express Entry profile when it is created.

So what is needed:

  • confirm language proficiency . It is done through tests. IELTS for English and most commonly TEF Canada for French;
  • evaluate education. Education systems vary from country to country. Therefore, in order to equate our education with theirs, it is necessary to evaluate diplomas . Most often done with WES ;
  • find out the NOC of your profession. We talk about this in detail in the article about Canada’s NOC .

Step #4: Create and Submit a Profile

In fact, this is the last step. How to do this is described in great detail step by step in the article: how to create a profile in Express Entry .


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