Immigrate To Canada:Alberta Immigration Program (AINP)

We talk about the Alberta immigration program: current streams, their requirements, official changes.


On this page, only a general description of the directions of this province, as well as the latest changes in them. Detailed information about each at the appropriate link!

Alberta is one of 10 provinces located in western Canada. It is the center of agricultural production of the state. Alberta includes large cities such as Calgary and Edmonton.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) consists of three areas:

  1. Alberta Opportunity Stream .For those who are currently working in Alberta and have a valid job offer.Documents are submitted in paper form.
  2. Alberta Express Entry .For those who are in the Express Entry pool of candidates with 300 points or more, and also have a profession in demand.
  3. Alberta Self-Employed Farmer .For experienced business farmers who are ready to open a relevant business in Canada.Documents are submitted in paper form.

To avoid confusion among those who have heard about other areas:

On June 14, 2018, 2 streams were closed: Alberta Strategic Recruitment and Alberta Employer-Driven. And in their place came the first two from the current list above.

Below we will briefly describe the existing areas for immigration to Alberta. More details about each of them at the corresponding link.

Alberta Opportunity Stream

One of the new streams that appeared in the early summer of 2018. A very demanding direction, as it is designed for people who are already working in Alberta at the time of submission of documents. This is also true for those who graduate / graduated from an educational institution in this province and can receive / received a Post-Graduation Work Permit .

In addition, you need to meet a number of requirements: a profession in demand, knowledge of the language at a certain level, education. More on this at the link below.

Read more .

Alberta Express Entry Stream

Also a relatively new stream of the Alberta provincial program. As you understand, it is connected with the Express Entry online system .

The peculiarity of the direction is that it is passive. That is, you cannot apply for participation in it yourself. Immigration officers in the province of Alberta themselves check the Express Entry pool and look for suitable personnel. If they like you, they send you a notification of interest. After that, you need to contact them and, if you qualify, you will receive a nomination and +600 points in EE.

Of the main requirements – the desire to immigrate to this province of Canada, the presence of a profession in demand or a connection with the province .

You also need to meet the requirements of one of the federal programs . After all, if you do not fit into any of them, then you do not fall into the pool of candidates, respectively, Alberta officers will not know about you.

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AINP Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Destination for experienced farmers-businessmen. They must have extensive experience in farming matters, as well as finances to start a relevant business in Canada.

An applicant for this program must contact the province and come up with a compelling strategy for growing a farming business in Alberta.

Read more .

Requesting a Reconsideration on Your Application

You can apply for an Alberta provincial program review if you meet certain requirements.

The request must:

  • be directly related to the reasons stated in the decision letter;
  • show that an error was made in applying the program criteria to your application;
  • be provided within 30 calendar days of receipt of the decision letter.

A Request for Review should not be used to:

  • providing new information and facts about yourself;
  • requests for an exception;
  • requests for humanitarian or compassionate consideration;
  • complaints that you are not satisfied with the decision in your case.

You can only submit 1 reconsideration request.

Last changes

November 30, 2018

Foreign students who are going to study under one of the programs:

  • diploma programs;
  • postgraduate certificate;
  • one-year entry-level certificate programs,

and enrolled by April 1, 2019 at Alberta institutions that are not on the Alberta Opportunity Stream List of Alberta Advanced Education Approved Post-Secondary Credentials will still be able to participate in the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS).

Students enrolled after April 1, 2019 will not be able to apply for the Alberta Opportunity Stream.

See the requirements for the respective program for more details.

November 1, 2018

The Alberta government has been working with the federal government to make 2 changes to the Alberta Opportunity Stream requirements.

  1. Removed income requirements.If an application is made to this program after June 14, 2018, income will not be assessed.However, the Alberta Immigration Program will continue to check that you are receiving the minimum wage for your work.
  2. Changes in language requirements.People working in NOC level C or D positions can continue to apply at CLB level 4 or higher.People working in Level 0, A, and B positions can continue to apply at CLB level 4 or higher. Effective January 1, 2020, the minimum requirement will be 5 CLB.

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