Immigrate To Canada:Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

We talk about the Saskatchewan immigration program: current directions, benefits, process in 2022.

Saskatchewan is one of the 10 provinces of Canada, which is located in the south of the central part of the state. The official language is English. Population 1,142,570 in 2016. The largest city is Saskatoon.

This program is popular among those wishing to immigrate, as it has more loyal requirements compared to Express Entry. For example, age is not so important here. If you are under 45, then your chances are almost the same as those of younger professionals.

Location of the province of Saskatchewan on the map of the state

How the program works

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is divided into 4 categories:

  1. International Skilled Worker for people who work outside of Canada in one of the skilled trades. It is the most popular and affordable.
  2. Saskatchewan Experience for people who currently live and work in Saskatchewan.
  3. Entrepreneur for businessmen who are ready to start their own business in this province.
  4. Farm for experienced farmers who wish to buy and develop a farm in Saskatchewan.

A detailed description of each of these areas can be found at the corresponding link above. The general points will be discussed below so that you understand the essence of the programs.

International Skilled Worker

The province’s most sought-after destination due to the fact that successful immigration does not require living and working in Saskatchewan, or managing a lot of money.

This category has 3 parts:

  1. Employment offer.Relevant for people who have a job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan.
  2. Occupation In-Demand.Relevant for people who have experience in one of the specialties in demand for the province.
  3. Saskatchewan Express Entry.Relevant for people who have experience in one of the specialties in demand for the province.A profile must also be created in Express Entry , which is in the candidate pool. This means that the person meets the eligibility criteria for one of the federal programs .

In addition, each of these sub-categories has its own selection criteria that must be met. One of the main ones is to score 60 points out of 100. Points are given for age, work experience, education, level of knowledge of English or French, as well as connection with this province.

Points calculator for calculation.

On July 16, 2018, the Occupation In-Demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-categories switched to the Expression of Interest (EOI) selection system . For Saskatchewan, the name of the system is also relevant – OASIS.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for one of these two subprograms and want to immigrate through them, then the first step is to show interest.

To do this, you need to create a profile in the OASIS system, fill in the required information and submit it for consideration.

If you meet all the eligibility criteria and have a good record, you may soon receive an invitation to submit a full application for participation in the Saskatchewan immigrant program.

The nature of Saskatchewan as a reason for immigration

Saskatchewan Experience

Referral for people who work in this province on the basis of a valid work permit – that is, legally.

This direction is divided into several parts. They are relevant for:

  • qualified specialists;
  • workers in the field of agriculture;
  • workers in the field of medicine (doctors, nurses, etc.);
  • service personnel;
  • truckers;
  • university graduates in Saskatchewan.

Do not forget that these subcategories are relevant for those who work in Saskatchewan, or previously studied in Canada.


A program for those who have business experience and want to create and promote their business in Saskatchewan.

It is important to manage capital of 500 thousand Canadian dollars, and also be ready to invest 200 or 300 thousand CAD. The amount of investment depends on the chosen city in Saskatchewan.


A program for those who have proven experience in the field of agriculture, who have significant capital (from 500,000 CAD), and are also planning to buy and run a farm in Saskatchewan.

Who can’t participate in SINP

  • applicants claiming refugee status in Canada;
  • people living illegally in their country or Canada;
  • people against whom an expulsion order has been issued;
  • people who are prohibited from entering Canada.

You may also not be eligible to immigrate to Saskatchewan if:

  • have unresolved custody or support disputes affecting any member of your family;
  • you and/or your representative have intentionally provided inaccurate information;
  • you or any member of your family (accompanying or not) does not meet Immigration Canada’s health and crime requirements;
  • could not prove that you were going to live and work in Saskatchewan.

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