Instructions for obtaining a student visa to Canada

We talk in detail about how to independently obtain a student visa to Canada in 2022: a list of documents and the procedure for applying.

Study Permit – permission to study in Canada (in simple terms – a study visa) for foreign citizens. To obtain it, you need to have a letter of admission to one of the educational institutions with DLI status.

DLI (Designated learning institutions) is an educational institution that has permission to accept foreign students.

SP is required only if the training lasts more than 6 months. If the period is less than or equal to 6 months, then you will need a Visitor Visa.

If you are interested in studying in this state and then moving on a permanent basis, we recommend that you study our article on immigration to Canada through education .

However, the expiration date of the study permit is the actual date of graduation, and not the date indicated in the letter of admission to the educational institution. The date of completion of training will be the date on which the corresponding letter was received from the educational institution, or – the receipt of a diploma / certificate.

And if, for some reason, it is not possible to complete your studies in Canada before the completion date, then you need to renew the Permit.

An extension will also be required if a school or university has asked you to take preliminary courses before the start of your main course.

If the study process includes holidays, for example, summer or winter, then you can leave Canada during this period.

Who can apply

A letter of admission to an educational institution is not yet a guarantee that you will be able to apply for a SP. There is a simple explanation for this: since the duration of the courses is usually a year or two, students have time to adapt during this time. And many remain after that in Canada forever, often illegally.

When applying for a student visa, it is important to prove that you need this education for a career in your home country. Applicants who draw up documents on their own do not take into account the nuances that significantly increase the chances of a positive decision.


By working with our study permit team, you get expert opinion, quality professional assistance and the experience we have gained over 6 years of working with Canada.

To qualify for a Study Permit Canada, you must:

  • be enrolled in an educational institution (DLI);
  • prove their ability to pay;
  • not have a criminal record or other problems with the law;
  • be healthy, and further confirm this with the results of a medical examination;
  • convince the immigration officer that you will return to your homeland after graduation.

In addition to the primary requirements, there are also a number of responsibilities that study in Canada entails. These are:

  • conscientious teaching and good academic performance;
  • comply with all conditions of the study permit;
  • interrupt your studies if you no longer meet the requirements;
  • leave Canada after the expiration of the SP.

What conditions must be met:

  • attend only your course;
  • work only if it is allowed;
  • travel within Canada only if permitted.

Documents for a student visa

You can apply for a study visa both from Russia and Canada. Documents for a visa for both options are the same.

It is worth submitting documents in advance, as the average maximum processing time is 5 weeks. Information on the timing is periodically updated taking into account the workload of the immigration service.

  1. International passport.It must be valid for at least 6 months after you graduate and have at least 2 blank pages.
  2. Digital photography.Size: 3.5×4.5. No corners or ovals.
  3. Copies of the passport.All completed pages + photo page.
  4. Copies of canceled passports.All completed pages + photo page.
  5. Copy of national passport.Spread with photo + registration.
  6. Help from the place of work.It is written on letterhead indicating the date of issue, as well as information about the employee, such as: position, salary, date of commencement of work, information that the applicant will be able to return to work after graduation.
  7. Statement from the bank.The document must contain the movement of funds for the last 4 months, indicating the account number and data of the owner, as well as with a round seal and the date.
  8. Bank reference.It is made on the letterhead of the Bank with information about the owner of the account, the date of its opening, restrictions, if any, the account number and the amount of the balance.
  9. For IP.It is necessary to attach a scan of the TIN and PSRN + proof of income for 1 year.
  10. Other documents confirming additional income.These can be: pension, renting out real estate, etc.
  11. For minors.Copies of St. birth certificate and parents’ passports, as well as a letter from the sponsor and an extract from the sponsor’s Bank. If the child goes on a trip without one or both parents – a notarized permission to leave from one / both parents.
  12. Documents confirming the connection with the Motherland.These can be real estate certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates for minor children.
  13. Motivation letter.It must be written in any language, but it is worth considering that all documents must be translated into English or French.The letter of motivation contains an appeal to the Canadian embassy / visa officer and a description of what motivates you to study in Canada.Also, this letter should contain additional information that you consider obligatory to inform the officer, or justification for the absence of any mandatory document.
  14. Letter of Acceptance.Letter of acceptance from an educational institution in Canada.
  15. Application for Study Permit Made Outside of Canada (IMM1294).Applicant’s application form outside of Canada.
  16. Family Information Form (IMM5707).Family information questionnaire.
  17. Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside Canada (IMM5257).Questionnaire with additional information.
  18. For citizens of other states living in the Russian Federation.A copy of the document confirming the legal stay, as well as a copy of the temporary registration.
  19. Sponsor letter and sponsor’s documents.For those who cannot pay their own expenses. These categories include minors, the unemployed and simply those who do not have enough money.If the sponsor will pay for the trip, then as a financial guarantee, he must provide his certificates and extracts from the Bank, as well as a copy of the passport and information about what binds you.Learn more about the composition and content of a sponsorship letter for a Canada visa .

All listed documents for a student visa (except passports) that are not in English or French must be translated into one of them.

Notarized translation is not required. But each translated document must contain the translator’s details (name, phone, address), the date of translation, as well as the signature and round seal of the company that translated.

According to the rules for applying for any type of visa to Canada, the applicant and his relatives are not allowed to translate their documents.

Our company translates all documents into English as part of the service for preparing documents for a student visa. By entrusting translations to us, you will protect yourself from mistakes and eliminate the need to apply for this service to another company.


How much money should be in the account

The amount that must be on the account at the time of submission of documents consists of the following components:

  • the balance of the tuition fee;
  • the amount to pay for the flight and accommodation (approximate);
  • the amount to support yourself in Canada.

If we are talking about sponsorship, then the sponsor’s account should also have some kind of “cushion” for living for him and his family. As a rule, this is the size of 1-2 salaries.

The amount to support yourself in Canada depends on which province you will study in and whether relatives will accompany you. Below are two tables showing the amounts for those planning to study in Quebec and beyond.

Outside Quebec

For the student himself 833 CAD per month
Extra for the first family member 333 CAD per month
For each next family member 255 CAD per month


You are planning a trip accompanied by your spouse and child for an annual program. Then the calculation of funds for the stay will be as follows:

(833 CAD + 333 CAD + 255 CAD) х 12 = 17 052 ​​CAD.

In Quebec

For the student himself 917 CAD per month
Additionally for the first family member (from 18 years old) 425 CAD per month
Extra for the first family member (under 18) 317 CAD per month
For each next family member (from 18 years old) 427 CAD per month
For each additional family member (under 18) 159 CAD per month


You are planning a trip accompanied by your spouse and two children under 18 years old for an annual program. Then the calculation of funds for the stay will be as follows:

(917 CAD + 425 CAD + 159 CAD + 159 CAD) х 12 = 19 920 CAD.

Application process and fees

You can apply for a visa to Canada for study both online and through the office of the visa center. In Russia, there are visa centers in: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, documents for student visas are accepted only through a personal account. Submission at the visa centers is not available.

The fee for applying for a student visa to Canada is 150 CAD . For all applicants over the age of 14, biometrics (photos and fingerprints) will be required, the biometric fee is 85 CAD.

Summing up

A student visa to Canada (Study Permit) will be required in cases where the duration of your studies exceeds 6 months. If the period is shorter, apply for a Visitor Visa. A study visa to Canada is not an immigrant visa, so you must leave Canada at the end of your studies.

The main documents that affect the outcome of the application are the Letter of Acceptance, financial documents, papers on connection with the Motherland and your motivation letter.

It should be borne in mind that the full list of documents, as well as the content of the motivation letter, completely depend on your situation. If the documents are not enough or the motivation letter is written incorrectly, then you risk being rejected.

Each client of our company receives an individual list of documents, taking into account personal circumstances. A motivation letter is compiled by our team of specialists based on positive experience.

Age is also an important criterion; in practice, visas are issued to applicants under 25 years of age more readily than those who are older than this age.

If you have any questions, you can write in the comments, or contact us via the feedback form!


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