Work Permit in Canada in 2022

We tell you what a Work Permit is, what you need to obtain a work permit in Canada for Russians and residents of the CIS countries, a list of required documents for obtaining a visa.

Work Permit – a work permit in Canada, which:

  • allows a person who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to work in Canada. If you have not found an employer yet, then we recommend our article – how to find a job in Canada ;
  • required if you want to work in Canada, even if your employer is outside Canada;
  • usually valid only for a specific employer, job and length of time;
  • issued on the basis of an employer’s authorization to hire a foreign worker (LMIA), or on the basis of a job offer from an employer who is exempt from obtaining this authorization.

Below we will describe in detail about each item and describe how to obtain work permits in Canada.

The visa you use to enter Canada is not a work permit, it is a visa that allows you to stay in Canada. Work Permit is a separate document that is issued when you first cross the Canadian border on a work visa.

Example of a Work Permit document
Example of a Work Permit document

Types of work permit

Work permits can be of several types depending on the situation of the applicant. They are divided into:

  • Work Permit : a regular work permit, which is issued if you have already received a job offer from a Canadian employer and have issued a work visa;
  • Open Work Permit : An open work permit that is issued in certain cases. It does not require a valid job offer.

This article is about a regular work permit. You can read about open permission in a separate article Open Work Permit .

Requirements for the employer

To leave for Canada on a work visa, when submitting documents, you need to take into account that in order to make a positive decision, not only you, as an applicant, must meet the requirements, but also the employer.

In particular, he must:

  • provide a valid and authentic job offer;
  • have a positive reputation for the last 6 years in hiring foreign workers, namely: to comply with the conditions for wages, workplace and work performed;
  • comply with all laws of the country and province.

At the same time, not any company owner will be able to issue an invitation to a foreigner. Canada has a policy that anyone who wants to hire a citizen of another country must prove the need for it. Namely, to justify why he cannot find an employee among his fellow citizens.

Such a document is called LMIA , and it means that an employer can hire a foreigner.

Requirements for the applicant

Since the Work Permit is issued for a certain period of time, it is important for the immigration service that you do not remain illegal after the end of the contract. To do this, you will need to prove your connection with your country.

Of course, the standard requirements for applicants also remain in effect.

And this means that you:

  • must prove their connection with the current place of residence: real estate, family;
  • are not in trouble with the law and do not pose a potential danger to Canada;
  • do not plan to work for an employer from the list of those who do not meet the requirements;
  • do not plan to work in the erotic field, striptease and other related areas;
  • do not have serious diseases that require constant care and supervision of doctors.

List of documents for a work visa

There are a lot of documents for this type of visa, and all of them are very important. The absence of any of them can significantly reduce your chances of obtaining a visa.

To apply for a visa you will need:

  1. A valid travel document is a passport.It must have at least 2 blank pages and the deadline must be no earlier than 6 months after the completion of your work contract.
  2. Photo.2 photos are required for personal submission and 1 electronic photo for online submission. Learn more about photo requirements .
    Photo Requirements for Canada Work Visa
    photo requirements for canada work visa
  3. Proof of a job offer:
    • if the employer is exempt from the LMIA, you must provide a job offer number (starts with the letter “A” and is followed by seven digits);
    • if the employer has received an LMIA, then a copy of this document, as well as a copy of the employment contract, must be provided.
  4. Proof that you are qualified for the job.For example, a valid certificate from a Canadian province or a territorial trade certificate, or the presence of diplomas and certificates of education, or experience in a similar position.
  5. If you plan to work in Quebec, a copy of the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) from the Department of Immigration, Diversification and Welfare (MIDI).However, if the employer is exempt from the LMIA, the CAQ is usually not needed either.
  6. Certificate of registration of marriage.If your spouse remains in their home country, this will be a link to their current place of residence. But, if he (a) is accompanying you, then this document is necessary to prove kinship with the accompanying person.

    You can also confirm civil relations by additionally filling out form IMM 5409 .

  7. Birth certificates of minor children.By analogy with spouses, children increase their chances by staying at home. But when accompanied, evidence will be required to prove kinship.
  8. Birth certificates of other family members.They will be required in order to prove kinship, if they accompany you.
  9. Certificates of immovable property in the home country or in the country of residence.These documents will increase the chances, as they connect you with your homeland.
  10. Business ownership documents.They will help confirm the additional financial support for your trip, and also give you a few more chances as a connection with your homeland.
  11. Documents confirming the status in the country of residence.If you do not currently reside in the country as a citizen, you will need to provide a document confirming your official status.
  12. Bank statement for the last 4 months.Despite the fact that you are traveling for the purpose of work and earnings, you will need to support yourself and accompanying family members at least for the first time.
  13. Questionnaires IMM 1295 and IMM 5645 or IMM 5707.The visa specialist will tell you the exact list of profiles when submitting documents in person, or the system will issue you after registering in your personal account .

All Canadian work visa documents must be translated into English or French if provided in another language.

Document translation rules:

  • the translation must be accurate;
  • it cannot be performed by the applicant or any member of the applicant’s family;
  • it must be certified by the round seal of the translator company, as well as the signature of the translator himself;
  • must contain contact details, as well as the name of the person who carried out the transfer.

Application process and fees

You can apply for a work visa to Canada online, at the visa center, or by sending documents to the visa center office by mail or courier. We recommend online filing as it is the most reliable and fastest way.

Visa centers are located in several cities of the Russian Federation: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don.

Fees must be paid to complete the application process. The cost of a work permit and a visa is 155 CAD. And also for everyone who is over 14 years old, the delivery of biometrics will be required. The fee for it is 85 CAD.

After successful payment, in 24 hours you will receive a request to submit biometrics . This must be done within 30 days or the application will be cancelled.

Also, in most cases (99%), a medical examination is required, you will receive an additional request for this in your personal account.

The work permit itself is a Work Permit, you will be issued by a border guard officer when crossing the border. Please note that a visa in your passport does not yet guarantee you 100% success, so be careful and follow all the instructions of the border guards, they make the final decision.


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