Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is very popular because of the reputation of the Canadian education system. Each year, many students attend the University of Ottawa and other Canadian universities for a postgraduate degree.

This interest in studying in Canada is particularly due to the unique multilingual and bilingual environment of the University of Ottawa.
In addition to the location of the University of Ottawa in the heart of the Canadian capital, which enables the student to live and study in this city in English or French.

International students in Canada
The University of Ottawa welcomes international students from over 150 countries attracted by its academic program. However, it is very important to take into account the different requirements of the registration process depending on what the student chooses to do.
Although most international students choose to study in Canada to complete a university diploma, there are other options, such as being an exchange student, as a visiting student or as a visiting student. Or to be a student of intensive official language programs, or as a scholarship student.

University of Ottawa Programs
The University of Ottawa offers more than 450 undergraduate programs. Postgraduate studies leading to recognized and respected degrees worldwide for the quality of education offered by this university.

Some programs offer the option of cooperative education, which includes study at specific intervals. If you have some proficiency in French but French is not your mother tongue, and you are interested in improving your competencies, you can also apply to study in French at most colleges or join the extended French course in the faculties of science and engineering.

Admission Requirements
Before applying to study at the University of Ottawa, a student must meet all admission requirements:
Have a high school diploma (or equivalent if you have studied outside Canada)
Achieve above-average rate
Meet the language requirements and take all pre-program courses.

Language requirements
Courses at the University of Ottawa are offered in English or French, or both. In order to be admitted to the university, you must master one of the two official languages ​​by obtaining a satisfactory degree in one of the language tests recognized by the university.

The University of Ottawa reserves the right to request a language test result at any time (if necessary).
English or French programs for international students
If you are applying for an English program and have not completed at least three years full-time in an institution where one of the two languages ​​(English or French) is the only language of instruction (other than language courses), and you come from a country whose official language is English, you must If you are applying to study in English, you must submit an official degree on one of the University’s recognized English tests.
The student must submit the official degree in one of the French language tests recognized by the university in case he wishes to apply for study in French

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